Estes Farms Est. 1872

Cassidy Station is a place where we value heritage, farm, and home. To honor 150 years of Estes Farms, we began restoring our family farmstead in Cassidy, Missouri as of 2022. The farm has been fully renovated and opened to the public in order to preserve our history and positively impact our community for generations to come. To complete the restoration, five original buildings were completely restored to continue the legacy that is Estes Farms. This heritage project consists of a Mercantile, Flower Co, Meat Co, Airbnb and multiple event spaces. Come by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the charm of the farm.

Welcome to the farm… we hope you stay a while.

Who, What, When of Cassidy Station and Estes Farms

In 1872, the Estes family traveled from Kentucky to Missouri and purchased two farmsteads in Cassidy, Missouri. The farms sat on what would be the north and south sides of State Highway CC in Northern Christian County today. This family farmstead, to be later known as Cassidy Station, was purchased…


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Wow! It is amazing. It is so much fun watching this transformation!

– Donna B.

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