Who, What, When of Cassidy Station and Estes Farms

In 1872, the Estes family traveled from Kentucky to Missouri and purchased two farmsteads in Cassidy, Missouri. The farms sat on what would be the north and south sides of State Highway CC in Northern Christian County today. This family farmstead, to be later known as Cassidy Station, was purchased by Pleasant Green Estes and his wife, Sarah— who would be the great, great, great grandparents of Kyle Estes. Milford Estes then inherited the farm and resided there through the early 1950’s, then sold to his brother, Everett. When Everett passed away a few years later Cassidy Station was again passed on, this time to John Estes, Kyle’s great grandfather. John’s son, Gene Estes then worked the farm for many years and finally Kyle and Hollie Estes, bought the farm from Kyle’s grandmother, Doris Estes.

Cassidy Station at Estes Farms holds a rich history of the Estes family and their lives in Cassidy, Missouri. Kyle and Hollie wish to share all the wonderful stories, experiences, and beauty that the farm has brought to their family. Kyle’s life dream has been to purchase the farm and preserve the heritage of the farmstead for future generations. To honor 150 years of Estes Farms, Kyle and Hollie began a heritage project in 2022 to restore the property, preserve the family history, and open it to the public for all to enjoy.

The First Estes Family in Cassidy, Missouri

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