The Estes Family came to Cassidy, Missouri before the railroad…

When our family bought this land in 1872 we came here from Kentucky. We put down roots in the Ozarks and helped make Cassidy, Missouri what it is remembered for today. We have always been farmers who had a resourceful side. We have always used what we had, repurposed everything we could, made our own tools and farm implements when possible. We have a heritage full of strong work ethic, even when it hasn’t been easy.

Wilson Estes, 1934

Stepping back in time today to 1934… this was Wilson Estes, son of Pleasant Estes and brother of Everett Estes. Everett was Kyle’s great, great grandpa, which makes Wilson his great, great uncle. Wilson went blind at a young age after falling out of the top of the Hay Barn at the farm. After his accident, he went on to run the telegraph office at the Cassidy General Store. His horse was trained to follow the path down the hill and across the ditch to the store, then would bring him back home every evening. The store was functioning until the 1930s but a combination of events, the railroad ending passenger rail travel along and effects of the Great Depression, forced it to close its doors.

Cassidy General Store, Cassidy, Missouri

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